Friday, 19 June 2015

Automatic volume effect - AutoSwell Light - in VST and AU formats.

Want yo play guitar like violin but sick of turning a volume knob?
Miss your old Boss Slow Gear pedal?
Or just want to smooth an attack of your instrument?

We have the solution!

Let us to present a new audio plugin - AutoSwell Light - an automatic volume swell effect triggered by the input signal.

Control Parameters:
  • Time: sets the constant time of swell attack. 
  • Sensitivity: defines the response to the input signal. Larger value allows you to detect soft and quiet notes. 
  • Depth: defines an amount of mix of processed signal with initial input. 0 - clean input, 1 -fully processed
  • Volume: sets overall volume of plugin.

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  1. Fantastic plugin. One thing missing, though: I wish I could switch the effect on and off remotely by MIDI - but there's no MIDI Learn function...

    1. Actually, We are almost to publish the new version AutoSwell Pro, which will have funtion of midi note detection

  2. this looks great, want to try it, and the pro version looks good too. the curves are a great idea. unfortunately the yandex link file does not seem to work for the 64 bit windows dll of the light version (have not tried the others). when I click on the download button it goes to the host, then does nothing. Any other download method available?

  3. Fl studio free download new version

  4. I'm struggling to get either AutoSwell Pro or the Lite version to work in Studio One - no matter what setting I use, the effect doesn't seem to work? They used to work in other DAWs. I'm on Windows 10. Can you advise? Thanks, Peter

  5. I want to buy the full version, where is it?